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Currently the way that Travala burns tokens is very simple. Once every quarter, 20% of net revenue is used to purchase AVA and burn it.

This has occured 6 times since Travala has been in operation, most recently burning 12,588 AVA in a single quarter for a value of $81,306.80.

The burn occured on April 14th at a value of roughly $6.11 USD

Since then the price has receeded due to market volatility in BTC and other cryptos.

While it is nice to see large number of AVA burned and large amount of USD spent on a quarterly burn, it…

Hey travala people,

For the last 6 months I have been using automated social marketing to promote and wanted to make a resource that explains how others can do it as well.

In 6 months I have brought over 100 people to using this method and month over month the number of clicks keeps rising.

Not too bad for automated content.

So first off you’ll want to create an account for the Travala Affiliate platform here:

Next you’ll want to copy your travala affiliate link to a note pad because we’ll be using this in the next…


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